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6 Sep, 2021

Dinners can be so challenging at times. And the Winner of “most-asked-question-by-busy-mom-to-her husband” is…”Babe, what would you like for dinner?”

Even with all the organising I do, dinners are sometimes still a bit of a mess. When I’m experiencing a challenging week emotionally or physically, my food doesn’t always taste like I would want it to. 

When I’m pressed for time, I have a few quick weekday dinner ideas I whip up for my family:

  1. Lamb loin chops in a gravy with veg and a salad 
  2. Ox Liver with mashed potatoes and steamed veggies
  3. Fish burgers in the air fryer with lots of salad on it 
  4. Quick Veggie Soup 
  5. Friday night is pizza night. I get the frozen margarita or pepperoni pizza from Woolies. My kids are obsessed with it. I add some rocket on it for some greenery, it’s to die for!

I hope these help a little when you’re overwhelmed!

What are your favourite quick dinner ideas? Drop them in the comments! 


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