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About Me

I am a busy mom of 2 young kids, Adam (boy) is now 10 and Luca (girl) is 6.
I am a 
wife to the most phenomenal man I know. My husband is an accountant and a business woman amongst many other roles I have.  

My life is demanding but I still make time to do the things I love. Yes I go through ups and downs, personally and professionally, and sometimes I barely keep my head above water. I have so much going on in my life at any given time and it can be exhausting and overwhelming. 

Below is a few points to get to know me better:
Full name: Charlene Audrey Hartung born Benjamin
What makes me happy: Flowers, chocolates and the laughter of my children.
What is my favourite food: Pizza, chocolate cake and bacon.
My Moto in life: Do whatever makes your soul happy.
What do I do to pass time: I love to read.

I trust you will enjoy AllThingsCharlie and much as I enjoy putting it together.

XO Charlie 


A Note From Me

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