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  • Our vision is to enhance the lives of women and their connected ecosystems through experiences, content and products that uplift the quality of life.
  • Our mission is to connect, share, inspire, motivate, guide and support women in all areas of life to realise their full potential, setting them up to live an authentic life.



Learn. Overcome shortcomings to live a satisfying and productive life. #Hacks

Connect. The inner circle vibe that offers trusted and experienced advice and community. #Tribe

Experience. Shop, connect and learn with like-minded women, brands and enhance your life. #Lifestyle


As a woman, so much is expected of us.This expectation has not only been put on us by others, but also by ourselves. In an ever-changing environment, we too have to change and adapt, with information being available without us having to go far or put in too much effort. Striking a balance between what is important to us and taking care of others is often what we struggle with the most. So the need for the career woman, the housewife and the care-free soul alike to balance our existence has become more important to ensure we are pursuing our most authentic life.

There are three advert spots per blog page that you can consider. We suggest that you place your advert in the section related to your target market.

We offer two banners spaces, one above the content section,  one on each page or blog and one in the page footer. Both are ideal spots and have generally a high conversion rate as they are seen at the start of the information section and at the end of it.  The banner size allowed is 1280px by 175px.  We can look at a slightly  larger area on the banners depending on the advert and the page you would like to place it on.

The third advert spot is on the right hand side bar only on the blog pages (contributors and curated) this advert can only be 250px width due to the nature of the layout, but the height can vary as per your need – up to a max of 500px.

Advertise your products on our blog pages and categories, thereby addressing  your target audience  directly.


  • Digital Banner Ad (1280px by 175px) N$ 1950 per spot
  • Digital Sidebar Ad (250px by 550px max) N$ 999 per spot


How to Contribute

We have created a warm, inclusive environment, which is always available to you, to learn from each other about life, work, family, food, home and the general business of being women. A virtual community that will connect us in a space curated especially for us.

That said, we welcome contributions that speaks to our vision and mission of All Things Charlie (ATC).

How do I become a contributor?  Individual contributor contracts can be discussed with ATC with varying fees and ranges per proposition.  Please get in touch so we can discuss your area of expertise. If you find it a viable proposition, we can go ahead and create your own contributor page from where you can showcase your product lines and relevant information.

Contributing knowledge and know how is an ideal way of getting your product noticed and increase sales.


  • Please contact Charlie for more info


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All Things Charlie offers your dynamic brand, product or service a variety of means to engage with our platforms by participating in our partner programme.


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Area expert for content provision

Contributing content that is relevant to the theme of the month and information our readers will be interested in and will find valuable. Individual contributor contracts are discussed with ATC with varying fees and ranges per proposition


Products and services that are tried and tested, relatable and enhance the lives of our audience.

N$ 1950 per endorsement fee.


Offering your service to our audience. This service can be tailored to the needs of our market.

N$ 1950 per endorsement fee.


Advertising your products on our various blog pages and categories, thereby speaking to your target audience directly.

N$ 1950 per digital banner fee, and N$ 999 per square advert.

Concept partnership and Collaborations

Let us collaborate and create a custom concept for you on our platform. Try us! We know our audience well.  Price will vary per custom brief.

Product Placement

Showcase your product on our platform. You want us to try it out and rate it too? N$ 1950 per product placement. 

Content Partnership

Weekly contributions of content to a specific blog page that speaks to your target audience.  Weekly blog post fee of N$ 1500 for content placement.