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5 Jun, 2023

How often do we lay awake, unable to sleep because we replaying a conversation in our mind, agonizing over it and wishing we’d done something differently.

You can’t change what happened, but it’s natural to want to go back in time to correct our mistakes or even just do something differently. The problem with this rumination is that it robs us of the joy of enjoying the present moment. Some people dwell on the past because it reminds them of a better time. Others focus on the past as a way to avoid the uncertainty of the future.

Whatever the reason, this can have a negative impact on our lives. It affects our decisions, relationships, behavior, and even our health. To live a more fulfilled life, we must learn how to let go of the past, fully live in the present, and begin to plan for the future.

Yes, I understand we all have some sort of regrets. Instead of focusing on what you’d change:

Learn from your experiences, but don’t dwell on them!

Your past can contribute to your present and future selves, just like any historical experience. Discover how you reacted to specific circumstances and how you may handle them differently going forward by using it as a learning opportunity. Establish the facts, your feelings, and the ways in which this information empowers you. You can only truly start to learn from an experience until you’re able to clearly recollect the specifics of the incident and put words to your feelings.

Focus on what’s happening today.

The present is lovely because it changes in front of you every day. Your life can be shaped into what you want it to be by the choices and actions you make right now. Utilize this chance by concentrating on the people and things happening right now in your immediate vicinity. Be receptive to fresh perspectives, chances, and emotions. Live in the now, be alert, and take things as they come. This results in a life that is more safe, joyous, and secure.

The future is undefined—create the one you want.

In the future, anything is possible. So set the stage for a brighter future. 

Take advantage of new opportunities 

There are many opportunities in the world. Dare to take chances and maintain an open mind. You always have the option to stop doing something if you give it a try and decide you don’t like it. The choices we make are frequently stepping stones on a journey to a larger end, even though we may not realize it at the time. Give an opportunity some thinking before rejecting it if it is outside of your comfort zone. You might be on the way to something better and bigger.

With all that said, even though letting go of the past, living in the present and planing for the future encompasses so much more. I believe taking a look at it from this simple perspective can be a start.

We all just need to live some more and love even more!

Written by Johnathan Harris 


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