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22 Mar, 2022

Hey Readers

It’s been a while since I have written about my life.  

From February to December 2020 I dropped 15 kg’s and was down to a size 12. It wasn’t just the weight that dropped, but my immune system was stronger and my body felt great. 

A whole year has passed and yep – I gained half of the weight back. There’s nothing like a jeans inner thigh rip to humble you. For a while, I stuck to following the specialized meal plan, joined bootcamp but ai, it’s a constant battle juggling everyday life since Covid restrictions have been lifted. 

Schools, work and restaurants are back in full swing. I just realized how demanding it is to keep up and fulfill the role of a mother, partner, daughter, boss, lady and friend. How do the rest of you ladies do it? I have wonderful support in the form of my mom that does drop-offs and pickups when she can, and I have my practice manager arranging my day so that I can make time for my daughter’s activities. When my partner isn’t away at sea, he is a great source of help too. Many kids don’t have grandparents to assist with these tasks. 

During the lockdown, families had to quarantine together which meant more quality time could be spent and only one person per household was recommended to get essentials. I could cook wholesome food and exercise everyday whilst still working. I built a deeper relationship with my daughter and partner which made me appreciate their new skills and gain insight into our weaknesses as well. I had more time in my day to work on myself. 

I am not wishing for Covid restrictions again, don’t get me wrong! Losing loved ones, panicking when you or loved ones have symptoms, businesses folding, poverty, overcrowded hospitals and limited resources wreaked havoc mentally, physically and financially. I just got a different taste of life without the demands and rush. 

When you realize that you have to start all over, you start to become desperate. My mind is thinking of trying the fad diets or taking appetite suppressants just to get back to where I was in December 2020. However, the wise mind knows starving my body with super low calorie diets and quick fixes won’t improve my immune system and nurture my body.  It’s back to meal prepping weekends and continuing with exercising for me. 

All in all, I realized a permanent lifestyle change will have to occur but my parents’ cooking is still a great temptation. 

Wish me luck!



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