The Sanitary Towel Project

Windhoek Event taking place on Saturday 8 October 2022

The Sanitary Towel Project (TSTP) was launched on 11 June 2022 in Swakopmund,  which is registered as a trust, named ‘The Blush Foundation’, this is the baby of All Things Charlie which in turn is a movement and website with stories curated for women by women and owned by Charlie Hartung. 

The project’s mission is to procure sanitary towels and share information with girls of menstruating age who are unable to afford sanitary towels by empowering and supporting these girls during their school going years. 

The lack of sanitary towels is a worldwide challenge and much more so in rural communities and girls often-times resort to unhygienic practices to care for themselves during this time. 

Since the project’s launch, we have procured over 12 000 packets of sanitary towels and to date the TSTP have handed them out in Swakopmund, Henties Bay, Uis, and Rehoboth. We have been approached by many organisations and schools in dire need of securing a supply of sanitary towels for young girls within their respective communities. 

On Saturday, 8 October 2022, we are hosting an event in Windhoek under the theme ‘Blush and Bubbles’, sponsored by Pongracz and supported by Fresh FM. 

Tickets for this event are available at N$250.00 and N$350.00 respectively and this includes snacks, bubbly, and a goodie bag.

At this event, we intend to share insight into the ‘All Things Charlie’ website and The Sanitary Towel Project at which there will be interactive talks by various speakers to inspire, captivate and motivate all attendees. 

Swakopmund Event 

In support of our ongoing philanthropic work and as indication as to what we do on the website, AllThingsCharlie hosted our very first Ladies Networking Brunch sponsored by JC Le Roux on 11 June 2022.

This Brunch was an introduction to the website, and featured talks by various speakers focusing on the reason why AllThingsCharlie exists, what our mission is, motivation, and nutritional information and Meike Rubow’s personal story.

We had Charlie share a part of her phenomenal journey and Jonathan Harris, the project coordinator share information on how we can help young girls in our community.

Most of us see buying sanitary towels as a given but many young ladies dont have the means to acquire this necessity. This means they are forced to use alternative means to manage their monthly cycle as a result of poverty, often leading to many girls being absent from school. This issue then compounds into lower grades and essentially a lower quality education for these young girls.

The Sanitary Towel Project means that AllThingsCharlie together with your help can make a lasting impact by empowering and supporting young ladies during their menstrual cycle with sanitary products.

It is our hope that this support will help young ladies as they deserve confidence and dignity.

Sanitary towels will be handed out at various locations in and around Swakopmund keep an eye on our socials for more information.

Contact me directly at 081 446 1185 for more information.