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5 Mar, 2022

What’s in the name All Things Charlie 

Yes, I am Charlie.
But ATC is not about me as Charlie. 

The name Charlie means ‘free man’. 



Everything we are as women. 

Who you are at your core is a multi-faceted person who has many angles, layers, opinions, changed ideas and it is very complex. 

There is also the physical, emotional, mental and the spiritual side to you. 
Your role(s) in life does not make you who you are, instead it tells people something about you. 

The description of myself on the homepage of this blog says that I am a woman, a mom, a daughter, a wife, a friend, a boss. It is however not everything I am. 

You are also a soul who feels and longs for a connection to someone and to matters important to us.

All Things Charlie strives to be that connection. A connection to those around you, lessons in life you can learn from, new information, changed opinions, collaboration with women about women, sharing with each other and learning from one another, knowing you are not alone in feeling a certain way, as we navigate our way through life. 

All Things Charlie is everything we are and strives to provide a network for women on tools which may enable women to build the most authentic life for ourselves. Never forgetting that despite you being all these things to so many people you also owe it to yourself to choose you. 

So I chose this name because Charlie to me is every part of that part of me who feels, laughs, cries, plans, messes up, loses her sh*t, has a bad day, wins, loses, prays, believes in what is right, fights for what she wants, stands tall, and importantly I’m just like you someone who wants to be loved sometimes I need a hug. 

Charlie is everything we are, everything we have to be daily to make our lives work. 


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