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7 Mar, 2022

Let me put you onto something – Benguella Butchery Bacon! 

I have been trying to find bacon as delicious and smokey, and have been unable to. 

On weeknights when I’m pressed for time, I like doing quick one-pan dishes, usually with pasta and meat of some sort, and herbs or veggies for colour. 

This is one of those I came up with by using only what I had on hand.



250g Benguella Butchery bacon, sliced

2 cups of spinach

2 spring onions, rinsed and sliced

Salt & Pepper to taste 

1 cube of Chicken stock (or a spoonful of Jaba stock powder)

1 cup of Whip-quick (plant-based cream or cream of your choice)

½ cup of Parmesan

3 cups of cooked Wholewheat penne

A bushel of chopped Parsley to garnish


Cook the pasta according to package instructions. Sautee the bacon in a non-stick pan (no oil, since it will release its own). 

The next few steps will take less than 5 minutes: add the spinach and spring onion, and stir. Season and sprinkle in the stock and add the cream. Add the Parmesan and pasta and heat through:

Serve while it’s still hot, and…


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