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15 Nov, 2021

What is a godparent?

Traditionally, a godparent is a sponsor chosen when someone, often a baby, receives the sacrament of baptism, a rite of admission into Christianity.

It is a great honour to be asked to be a godparent. Your friends obviously think you are responsible, smart, compassionate, loving and worthy of being a good influence in their child’s life. 

When we had our 2 kids, there were certain things we wanted in a godparent for our children.  

These were:

  1. They must be Catholic and God fearing: Our Catholic faith and the way we raise our children in our faith is very important to us. 
  2. They must be married.  If not to each other, then one of them must be. 
  3. They must have sound values and morals that we as parents agree with. This is especially important because the role of a godparent is to help you raise your children. To be an example to them. To stand in for you. If you don’t agree on values and don’t have the same morals, it just won’t work. That person could teach your child something you don’t agree with. 

In the past, we thought being a godparent meant that, if the parents should pass away, this person or persons automatically take care of the kids. However, if it is not stipulated in your will that way, your children will have other guardians. These two roles can be mutually exclusive. 

It is important for a godparent to stay connected to the child. They should attend important events like birthdays, graduation, weddings and so forth. My godparents were a part of my life until they passed on and they were blessing my whole life through. 

A godparent must be a mentor to the child. Give guidance and be of help to the parents if and when needed. 

Today I find that being a godparent has lost its value and people jump at the opportunity to be one but when they have to bring their side, they are often absent. 

When you commit to being a godparent, be more than just a phone call or a present once a year or at Christmas. 

Be present. 

Be there. 

Build a relationship that grows over the years. 


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