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5 Jun, 2023

For quite some time I have been complaining about my bras. They were too small, and my boobies are poping out, not that I have much, but yeah. So during my recent girls trip to Cape Town I asked my cousin where I can have myself measured for the right fit bra. 

She directed us to a very charming little shop. They have a branch in Durbanville and one in Claremont.
Now I’ve been to another shop once before for a sizing, but they did not come close to the size I am now, the experience was very basic.  For the first time in forever I feel comfortable, my breasts are lifted and covered completely. Nothing wants to fall out anymore. I always thought I was a 34B but I am actually a 36C. 

The Experience 

So the bra fitting consultant invites you into a little dressing room, and asks to see your current situation. She asks you to turn around and then she steps out and fetches a bra for you to fit. No measuring tape, nothing. She also explained to me that she’s been doing this for 15 years! And just like that I had bigger looking boobies. Lifted and happy. 

The tips below are taken from my conversation with the fitting consultant on the day. 

Always hand wash your bra by using a shampoo or mild soap. 

Do not twist it, instead squeeze the water out. 

Do wash your bra after every 3rd to 4th wear.

Do hang your bra by the gore out of direct sunlight to distribute weight evenly. Avoid hanging it by a single strap. 

Never wash your bra in a washing machine. Never tumble dry it. 

This was such an enlightening experience and I highly highly recommend it. 



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