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13 Sep, 2021

With Breast Cancer Awareness month around the corner and Spring sliding in, we’re replacing scarves and polo necks for strappy tops and bathing suits. For that reason, I thought to it well to share about BREACIALS… 

“A what?”, you might think, since it sounds like something you would order for lunch. Many of us are familiar with having Bacials, however, Breacials are very popular in Asia and Europe and something we should all consider doing. 

Our breasts are an expression/extension of our femininity and they deserve to be looked after. With pregnancy, weight gain and -loss, and just plain old Father Time, the twins and their skin tend to go through a lot of stress and change.

Sun exposure and premature aging and stretch marks of the area is a concern for many women. Remember to apply sunscreen all the way down to your breasts, even if they will be covered or under a bathing suit. 

Regular salon and at home exfoliation treatments or light peels could also help to reverse damage. Apply lifting and firming serums as well as rejuvenating masques to the area. 

Derma rolling is also a great option to help product absorption and collagen production. 

With sun exposure may come redness, pigmentation and flaking. Use products containing ingredients like Aloe to soothe the skin and assist with hydration. Products containing lactic acid will assist with dryness as well as pigmentation. Pigmentation might also be caused by the skin being chaffed daily by clothing or undergarments, so book those peels and use the lactic acid to brighten your skin. 

Remember, the skin of the bust is directly affected by the strength of your pectoral muscles, so think of exercise to give the twins a boost. Try to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle to avoid skin stretching and reclining and keep those ladies well moisturised to help the skin stay supple. Mix shea butter with Frankincense essential oil and apply.

Acne is also very common in the area especially when the oil glands in the area mature or if you exercise a lot. Treat the area as you would the rest of your skin. Make sure you take a shower or bath straight after exercising to prevent the pores from blocking, use in-salon salicylic acid peels, Hight Frequency Machines and ozone steaming to treat those pesky pimples. Also use tea tree essential oil at home. 

So what would a regular breacial look like? The area would be cleansed with a nourishing cleanser followed by exfoliation of the area. Delicate extraction and hair removal in the nipple area, an upward lymphatic drainage massage and masque, finished off with a moisturiser and for those who want, a BB cream and bronzer. 

Some spas offer galvanic type needling during the masque or serums applied under a conductive masque where the Galvanic current is then added to assist with product absorption.

Consult your Aesthetician on a facial and breacial home routine for your breasts.

Considering trying it out? I am sure you won’t regret it!



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