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21 Dec, 2022

It was a week before Christmas, we just had Sunday lunch with our friends and we decided to go to Woolies to get dessert. On our way home my friend and I spoke about Christmas lunch and decided to have our first Christmas dinner together as friends together with our families. It was really something to look forward to and in addition we drew names for secret santa. 

My friend was so creative, she came up with a little menu and decorated the table really beautifully.  We decided on what each one of us would bring to the table and then we had a three course meal. It turned out to be quite a blessed gathering. 

When we sat around the table we could take time to enjoy the yummy food, look back on the past year and just raise our glasses with so much gratitude in our hearts. We could talk about the challenges we faced and overcame, as well as the victories and success we achieved during the year. There is such a huge blessing when sitting around the table and enjoying a meal together as friends who have become family. It brings us closer together and we also grow and learn from one another. 

Christmas is a time for giving, it’s a time of hope, peace, love and joy. 

Let’s make time to celebrate this Christmas season not only with those nearest and dearest to us but let’s try and build relationships and share the love with those whom we come into contact with on a daily basis.  

We are having another Christmas gathering and this time it’s a light lunch slightly different from last year but we are excited once again.

May you all have a blessed Christmas and remember that Jesus is the reason for this beautiful season 

Warm greetings 

Candice Strauss 


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