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6 Nov, 2023

Life is forever changing; we should also be ever-changing, evolving, and learning.

As I write this, I reflect on changes over my life these last two years. It has been a rollercoaster ride of many downs and very few highs but steady progress.

Something changed in me two years ago. I was watching a video of Steve Harvey, and he spoke about the 300 lists; your goal list is never-ending, but as you write down your goals and begin to accomplish them, you tick them off and see what God has done.

I listened to Steve Harvey and started my 300 list, and since then, I have made steady progress and accomplished many things I set out to do.

Today is one of those BIG moments, my announcement to the world that I have become an author who has published two devotionals. How insane is that!

As I reflect today, I come from a verbally abusive relationship where I heard for so many years things about me and who I am. From being torn apart with words to being built up, it is an entirely different way of life and so much more beautiful.

Fast forward to the last two years and these previous couple of months, I have heard many times from many people: “I am proud of you!” 

I often say these words to my daughters and the women God entrusted me with. I can often very quickly cheer someone on. It’s a natural clue, but here I am when someone says they are proud of me… I appreciate it so much; however, today, words fail me, not because I am not grateful but because God has shown up for me in ways that he has left  I never thought possible, and I am speechless. 

Change, changes are so good. I pursued my healing for the last two years and am incredibly grateful to God for always guiding and leading me. I am humbled by the outpouring of His goodness in my life. 

I want to say to you today, make that change, whatever it is and commit yourself to the process because you deserve it. Only a few know the wars we fight internally, but those wars are necessary to build our character and refine us.

Changes… Life is ever-changing; the only question is, are you willing to have your foundations shaken so that you can rebuild and start over?

Michael Jackson sings a song that says, “Make that change!” It’s with the man or woman in the mirror! 

All my love, Zen


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