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14 Dec, 2022

Charlie’s Christmas gift ideas 

Sometimes we struggle to buy gifts for our friends whether its birthday gifts or Christmas gifts. So I put together a list of 5 items I think rock!

  1. I recently bought headbands for my daughter from an online shop. I was so pleasantly surprised when I received them, I will be wearing them myself.
  2. Phone sling – this comes in a bag format or just the sling. Slings come in a variety of patterns, thickness and even a rope design. 
  3. Book sets for children are my favorite go to as Christmass gifts for kids. Reading breeds imagination and keeps kids busy and away from electronics. 
  4. Wooden boards by Aneen – these make such awesome gifts, I wish someone would gift me with one. Her page on socials is called House of Anne Designs. 
  5. If you know someone who likes Chrstmas cake, boy do you need to get them this cake. It has no frosting on, and lasts forever. My sister in law introduced me to this cake 12 years ago. I’ve been buying it ever since. Spar, Pick n Pay and Checkers sells them.


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