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21 Jun, 2021

Charlie’s Diary 

Week 2 of my 6 Weeks of Clean Eating Plan 

I started rehab this Monday to strengthen my knees and work on some misalignment. It feels weird not getting up at 05:45 to go run. I miss the mornings that I went out there alone in the fog. They were just the best and no matter how many kilometres I had covered, at the end I always felt so accomplished.

This week was simply a breeze. At times I didn’t feel hungry at all, and at others, I enjoyed the dishes I made so very much.

I found it tough to figure out what to make for dinner. I cook dinners and then make sure there’s enough for lunch. The fact that I’m cooking for myself, my dad and my husband is really tiring sometimes, because even if I can just throw something together for myself and not give it much thought, I also have to cater for the rest of my squad.

I’m super excited to find out what the scale tells me, although my back-to-back images this week tell sooooo much already. Over the years I’ve learnt that the scale is not the determining factor of your progress, but rather your clothes and your reflection in the mirror.

For this week’s meals (see image), I stuck to lots of veg and some really simple food. I also started doing the smoothie thing in the morning and Meike has advised me to eat less bread. Making smoothies works well and it’s super easy to prepare.

Here’s what is in my simple smoothie:

Plain yoghurt


Half an apple

1 tablespoon of chia seeds

And that’s it. Easy peasy. I find the consistency to be so awesome and filling. I also love putting it in my little zippy bottle….Totally love it.

I used to make many different variations but finding the simple version the best.

So this week I lost no weight on the scale but the difference on my clothes is evident and once again, I can honestly say it was super easy!

Until next week.

Love, Charlie





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