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28 Jun, 2021

This week was a little tougher than the previous two.

It was my husband’s birthday and birthdays mean cake and cake to a sugar addict is kryptonite! I was good until Friday and managed to cut out carbs from at least one of my meals per day this week to accommodate the cake I was planning to have. You have to give some to get some right?

Meike had advised me on what to eat: lots of veg and to avoid carbs if possible. Carbs being brown rice, potatoes, a second portion of lentils, and couscous, to mention a few. I managed pretty well until I had a sea of cake in front of me! 

My meals this week consisted of:

Chicken meatballs

Salmon and vegetables 

A prawn curry

Lentil curry 

Pilaf with prawns

Smoothies and bowls of fruit and yoghurt with chia seeds…

Last week I shared my smoothie recipe with you. Today I added some cucumber to my smoothie mix. Mint will also work with it. It brings quite a refreshing taste to your breakfast. I also found myself extremely hungry this week on Wednesday morning needing more food, so I had some oats which, thus far in the meal plan, I’ve managed to skip every day. 

I thought I’d also share my chicken meatball recipe with you. 

Chicken mince – simply ask your butcher to mince some chicken breasts for you

Baby spinach 

Finely grated onion 

Finely grated carrots

Salt and black pepper


Ground cumin and ground coriander

Mix everything together and if the mixture is too runny you can just use a spoon and dish small amounts into your hot pan. I fry mine in a little bit of garlic butter. When doing a meat ball of any kind, even a hamburger patty, I’ve learnt the trick to not have them fall apart is to only flip it once. 

If you are not watching your figure, you can add some cheese and egg to bind to your mixture as well, and that should give a nice richer flavour. 

Week 3 Feedback:  I did not lose weight, however I feel so much leaner and lighter and I have quite a bit of confidence. What more can I ask for.


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