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12 Jul, 2021

The week passed by fairly quickly.

I made the dishes I love.

Salmon has become quite a staple food in my kitchen, and I am enjoying it so much.

I am allowed a 60g portion of either a healthy bread or a sourdough bread twice a week and discovered the cutest shop in town called Kitsch Collectables. For those of you from Swakopmund, please go check it out. They bake the bread themselves and it’s fresh every day. The shop is owned by former science teacher, Mrs Labuschagne.

I’m entering week 6 today.

Time really flew by so quickly. You won’t believe the difference a 2kg weight loss has made to my life and my psyche. One of my goals has been to be able to wear a pair of tights with a nice top and takkies. I dressed like that on Thursday and couldn’t be prouder of what I saw in the mirror!  My stomach is smaller and Meike is very happy with my progress.

Well, so am I!

Hard work hey! Commitment. Dedication. And keeping the goal in mind.

I lost quite a bit of cms this week. My bra is at its last hook and my favourite jeans are way too big. I have been able to achieve this, and to think I’m not even exercising at the moment! 


See my meals from the past week above.



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