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19 Jul, 2021

And so we’ve come to the end of week 6.

Disappointing that I have my period which means my true weight is not being reflected. 

However, I set out to maintain my weight without exercising by eating better, which I did! 

Plus I lost 2 kg in the process. I couldn’t be more proud hey!

I leant new recipes.

I learnt that not everything is about carbs and that when consumed in a controlled space and manner they can be so rewarding. I often joke with my dad when he wants to eat carbs that he has not earned the right to eat carbs! He needs to work hard, lose the weight and only then does he deserve to eat carbs. 

Nevertheless, I am so proud of him. He eats what I give him to eat, complains all the time and still takes his walks every day. He hasn’t done so since he caught COVID though. I’m sure once he feels better he will start walking again. It’s become such a part of him.

I enjoy spending time in my kitchen so cooking healthy meals with lots of veggies is never work for me, plus this time round I learnt so much! 

Making the change you crave in your life is only a decision away. Make that choice.

Choose yourself and work hard at it every day.

I did.

I do and it is SO rewarding.





  1. Annie Gall

    I also want to make the choice. Please guide me. Need to gain control of my weight. Where do I start ? What do I do ??

    • Charlene Hartung

      Dear Annie,
      I will inbox you 🙂


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