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28 Feb, 2023

As you know I can be quite the foodie and I’m super picky about what I eat.

I recently discovered thanks to my husband a lovely dressing for salads.

So here goes, as part of my favourite things:

Coriander Pesto:

Super easy to cut the packet open and put over your salad. We think it a little with some fresh squeezed lemon juice.






Green Salad with some Mango:

This recipe is super easy and so delish. Make your green salad with whatever your favourite ingredients are. eg. lettuce, cucumber, feta cheese, cocktail tomatoes, peppers, and then you add sliced mango into that. I often put some apple in too and even cranberries.






Nut and seed Mix from Woolworths:

I’ve been buying these little packets for years. Absolutely love the crunch they give to your salads.


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