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3 Apr, 2023

What is a Charlie’s favourite things edition without some excellent food finds 🙂 

This month I have two all time favourite treats! 

  1. Poke Bowl: It sounds like a little bowl doesn’t it. A little bowl with a big punch! It is basically deconstructed sushi. However, there are many variations and ingredients you can change to fit your tastes. The one I buy is made with veggies, sushi rice, pickled ginger, prawns and just the most freshest ingredients. I buy mine from Fruit and Veg for 85.00 per bowl. It is money well spent hey. 
  2. Smoked bones sold at Benguella Butchery: It has to be Benguella’s bones though. Not because it’s my business but because it really is the best I’ve ever had. At N$60.00 per kg it is definitely worth a try. The bones are wood smoked and is full of meat still. Added to your soup, it gives a delicious flavour. 
  3. BB Cream: I am not a big make up person. I just don’t have time for it. However, I recently discovered BB cream. It goes on a like a cream and give you enough coverage to make your skin glow and look healthy.


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