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21 Jun, 2022

You know I am always obsessed with something new! 

This week we feature three products that are well worth the try. 

  1. I cannot get enough of Tallichya Beauty’s Moisturizing lip mask. It is sweet, yummy and creates a film on your lips. Together with the lip mask, there is also a scrub available. You use it about twice a week and then apply the mask afterwards before you go to bed. Both products are available on our online shop.https://www.allthingscharlie.com/product/moisturising-overnight-lip-mask/
  2. Lanolab multi-use natural balm, now available at Segura Emporium in Maerua Mall or their online shop at http://www.segura.com.na/lanolab/ When you have little children, you always need ointment. There are 2 things that can fix any sore spot for a little human. Mommy’s kiss and a convincing-looking ointment. This one works wonders for me, because my kid believes it works, and purely because it does.  ‘Lanolab multi-use balm is best known to soothe chapped and dry lips. It’s made in South Africa and 100% natural with no added fragrance. The hero ingredient, lanolin, locks in moisture while the papaya extract is packed with anti-inflammatory properties, which is why Lanolab assists with soothing everything from dry lips, minor skin irritations and burns; chafing, sunburn, cracked nipples and nappy rash.’
  3. Shirts. Who does not like a beautiful shirt with long sleeves for the winter and to cover a few curves? I recently acquired quite a few shirts and I’m totally obsessed with them! You can dress them down and when you want to look more formal, you can dress them up!

Please share with us your favorite things. 

Love and Light 




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