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19 Apr, 2022

I love receiving gifts. I also love giving gifts – gifts are my love language. 

So I looked around for a few ideas to share with you and this is what I came across:

  1. Milkshake travel size products. Almost all Milkshakes range of products come in a travel size. It is not only convenient to travel with but it works well for a first timer to see if the product works for them. Also, it makes for a lovely gift for a friend. You can buy these from Isabel’s Place in Walvis Bay. 
  2. Motherkind Collagen products – The range is available to order on my website, www.allthingscharlie.com/shopPrices start from N$399. It’s a product I use every second day in my breakfast smoothie.
  3. Mankind products. This collagen is for men N$399. Mankind also has a hair growth serum for men priced at N$435. All this is available on my website.
  4. NO GROW hair removal products available from Segura Emporium in Windhoek. It’s a hair removal product for various areas on your body. 
  5. Be Betty earrings. Prices for these range from N$80.00 to N$180.00, and they’re so affordable and absolutely gorgeous. There’s just something different about them! They’re glossy, fun and super stylish. 

Inbox me for more information on any of the products mentioned above. 



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