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4 Oct, 2021

I have a lot of favourite things in life and equally so, I have people in the form of service providers – some of who have become friends.  I have been going to for certain things for many years. I’d like to share these with you so you too can  know a few of my gems. 

I highly recommend these services:

  1. Hair cuts etc: I have known Melanie for around 16 years. She’s the only one I allow to cut my hair. When she does my hair people always say ‘sjoe, I can see who did your hair!’. Her handiwork is simply phenomenal. Melanie can be reached at 081 304 4174. She is also mobile which makes it very convenient. 
  2. Facials and Skincare products: I recently started using Optiphi for my face, what a difference a few weeks have made. I get my products from Melissa’s Sanctuary in Swakopmund. They also do my peels and waxes. See her business card below. 
  3. Long term insurance: Financial Solutions authorised by Sanlam is my long term assurance broker. They do from our wills to our life insurance. They will be contributing a range of articles over the next few months. 
  4. Short term and business insurance: Carlita at Athena Insurance Brokers has been our broker for years. I enjoy personal service and insight into my policy on a regular basis. She gives great advice and always looks out for her clients.
  5. Occupational Therapy: I highly recommend Charmaine Beets, Swakopmund Occupational Therapy. She has helped me with the challenges my children had and have always gone the extra mile.




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