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25 Sep, 2021

I have a lot of favourite things in life and equally so, I have people in the form of service providers I have been going to for certain things for many years. I’d like to share these with you so you too can know a few of my gems.  I highly recommend these services:
My Nutritionist: I met Meike, mmacht. health about 3 years ago and have been following her meal plans, (especially designed for me and my needs) and nutrition advice since then. She’s taught me so much about food and I always look at food with the thought, what would Meike say? Lol, she runs the most amazing programs which are available to purchase directly from her. She also writes for ATC. See her blog at www.allthingscharlie.com/health-and-fitness 
Nails: Martine I’ve known even before she started ‘Pamper yourself’ in Swakopmund. She did my nails for my wedding 12 years ago and I still go to her today. Martine uses Shellac on my nails and I have never had issues with the brand or her application skills. 
Sports Massage: After a long run or cycle, one’s body can take a knock and Charleen at The Quiet Space is amazing at sorting those out for you. Be sure to take the day off once you’ve been to her. 
Hair Products: I use Milkshake hair products for both me and my daughter’s hair. Once you try it you wont go back hey! My hair is glossy and shiny and soft and it smells amazing. Isabel’s Place is a regular blogger on ATC for hair and product advice. I do all my treatments and keratin with them. You can contact them at 081 308 9269


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