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18 Oct, 2022

Closing doors ain’t easy but often it is a necessity, we allow people in our lives and we also have a responsibility to ourselves to maintain healthy boundaries and relationships.

When you are used to being abused or you are used to selling yourself short it’s very easy to just go with familiarity and somehow that is okay for a moment… But as you journey towards authenticity and making better choices for yourself, you realize that certain things become unacceptable and not your preference anymore.

For the longest time I have had to learn the hard way and I often ask myself, like why do you always want to experience it first before you actually make a decision? Are you also like that? Someone tells you don’t do that and then you like, why? And then you go do it out of curiosity or because you want first hand experience.

What I have learned this year of mourning and moving towards my authentic self is, people come and go but the ones who are truly your people, they remain.

Very important to recognise who your people are and be willing to close the doors on the ones who are not yours. Know that it is okay to mourn the loss of friendships and relationships, what is not okay, is this – staying there you have to MOVE!

When one door closes, there are many that will open. Walk away from things, people and places that no longer serve you, you deserve peace because that is the by-product of closing doors.

All my love



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