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14 Jun, 2021

As we get ready for our mission to actively work on building meaningful experiences at work as discussed in our first post, it is important to lay the foundation in the correct way. This mission will require work on your part, at times this work will be inspiring and exhilarating, but many times the work will suck totally and completely. You will have to dig deep and show up in ways that you do not want to, but more on that later. If you are willing to laugh at yourself and remain curious it can be an awesome journey. 

It should be noted at this point that if you are being abused or harassed at work then this journey will be dreadful. Abuse and harassment at the workplace are real and support in these areas will require more than a few blog posts. These blog posts are designed to provide coaching support, whilst experiences of abuse and harassment will require therapeutic support. 

This is such a critical point so allow me to show you the difference by using an example from the sports field. When an athlete is injured, she gets taken off the field and gets attended to by medical experts. The athlete receives treatment and rehabilitation during this recovery period and can only return to the field once a medical expert clears her. During this recovery and rehabilitation period, the coach may be present in the athlete’s life, but the coach does not lead the healing program. Once the athlete is cleared for practice, the coach steps into the lead facilitating role and focusses on getting the athlete to sustained peak performance again. The primary focus of therapy is healing, whilst the primary focus of coaching is growth. Our posts will be focused on coaching and therefore growth. 

Though growth is possible, it will be incredibly challenging and possibly even impossible to achieve growth when there are open wounds that need healing. If this is your situation, please seek professional help, especially if the help and protection you need is not provided at your workplace. 

If you are in the place where you can have a healthy focus on growth our posts should provide you with insights that can facilitate growth. 

Stay committed to your growth. 

Till the next post … 


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