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19 Jan, 2024

For a while, I have been thinking of the word consistency, and as I reflect upon my life over the last two years, I have seen that my quality of life has changed drastically because I became so intentional with many things.

Not only did I become intentional about my surroundings and what I consume, whether it be watching something, listening to something, or even eating something, but whatever I consumed had to be something that would influence my life positively.

Being consistent has helped me to self-regulate and show great results; it’s not what we do once in a while that makes the most difference in our lives but the things we cultivate daily that propel us into places and spaces we never even dreamed of.

Consistency has helped me to be a better version of myself daily, it has allowed me to break free from so many destructive patterns over the last two years. Maya Angelou says it beautifully: when you know better, do better! Being consistent in all areas of your life requires commitment and a drive never to be the same; no one will live your life for you; you are responsible for living it!

You and I have the greatest responsibility to live our lives to the fullest! Whatever it is that you need to unlearn, decide today that you will do so for you to live a better life! 

Make that commitment and stick to it because it’s in your consistency that you will discover great things about yourself!

All my love,



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