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10 Jan, 2022

This word has been in my face for a while and I had recently become acquainted with someone.  One of the things about them that really grabbed me was inconsistent effort. Consistent behaviour I saw and often one decides to just turn a blind eye in the hopes that something is going to change.  To my disappointment, nothing changed.

It’s sad that people are often set in their ways and one thing is true: you cannot change anyone but yourself.  You also don’t need to be subjected to other people’s traumatic responses. A piece of advice: do not compromise on your principles and values for the sake of someone else, regardless of who they are.

Consistency is the key to building trust and inconsistency is the key to building mistrust.

Follow your gut! The one thing I have learned is that God lets alarm bells go off!  So much so that you cannot ignore them anymore. Broken men are incapable of loving whole women because the women will always end up feeling like they are a hospital – meant to heal and fix what they did not break.

I have also learned that when someone is not ready to do introspection, the problem or issue will always be on the outside, it will always be someone else. 

That’s a hard pill to swallow: when you give all of you and end up getting minimal in return. I don’t know when men will wake up but one thing I have learned in these last couple of weeks, is to really not settle for less than what I deserve. 

The best gift I have given myself is my standards, values and principles and those are things I will not lower for the sake of accepting less than what I deserve. 

Don’t settle! The ones who are for you will gladly meet your standard…and even exceed it! 

All my love,




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