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20 Feb, 2022

Hi! My name is Dawn and I am the person behind Be Betty. 

I grew up in Okahandja, but now live in Windhoek with my amazing husband, our 4-month-old baby boy and two dogs (although they actually make up for 4). 

I have a Bachelors degree in Consumer Sciences and Business Management. My career paths have taken me from advertising to event management and now, jewellery making. Not how I planned it, but I wouldnt have it any other way. 

I love how versatile polymer clay is and I find the process of working with clay to be therapeutic. There is something very satisfying about watching an idea come to life from concept to completion and then planning the process of getting it out there for the world to enjoy as well.

Interesting fact – Im actually applying more of my degree now than ever before as product development is one of the main focus points of consumer sciences.

It has been two years since Be Betty was born. At first I only thought of it as a side hustle, something that will bring in a few extra bucks to cover some expenses, but then the covid pandemic hit and I was forced to close my events company. 

Not knowing how long the lockdown would last (and not thinking it would be more than a few weeks); I used the time to make a few earrings and started selling them via whatsapp. Soon I realised that I had underestimated not only my own potential, but also that of Be Betty. 

Fast-forward to today; Be Betty has an online store, I have one amazing part-time employee, Rosalia, and together we have made thousands of Bettys. Rosalia also gets the chance to make her own earrings that she sells among friends and often takes some with her to sell in the North whenever she visits her family.  

I often get a lot of questions about the name I chose for this little business of mine. Well, Betty is my mother, motivator, inspiration and biggest supporter. Most will only know her by her first name, Joy, a very accurate description of what she is: JOY. She and my dad taught me to follow my dreams, to be brave and to work hard to create a life of contentment and satisfaction without measuring myself by the standards of this world, for we are each uniquely made and greatly loved with a divine purpose. 

My wish is that we all can be like her. To Be like Betty.  I often think that this chapter wont last very long, as the clay earring fashion trend might pass soon, but I dont create to fit in; I create to stand out. Each pair is carefully planned, not to be on trend, but to reflect true creativity. By creating. my goal is to encourage women from all walks of life to live their life boldly, fiercely, and joyfully.

I want my earrings to evoke a sense of playfulness, joy and boldness. I want them to remind women of the dreams and passions they once had in their hearts as little girls and encourage them that they are never too old to chase those dreams. 

Is that too much for a pair of earrings to do? Maybe, but I will keep creating them with the hope that they will change lives!

Im looking forward to this year. Even if it comes with a few unknowns, I know it will surely be good. After all, life is what we make of it. Embrace the journey! Its a great honour to have the opportunity to build my dreams and Im extremely grateful for each lady that supports me while Im at it.
Much love,

From a very grateful creator.



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