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3 Dec, 2021

Dear Charlie 

Always know that you are worthy and deserve everything you work hard for. 

Ask for what you want unapologetically. 

Work hard at figuring out what you want in life and do not compromise. 

Never shy away from who you are or the power you have as an individual. 

Thank you for always being decisive. Trust your instincts. 

You know who you are. 

Work harder at school and follow your dreams. 

Study as long as you can. 

Take that risk. Don’t be scared, at the very least you will learn a lesson. 

People will disappoint you, they will hurt you. The pain from lessons learnt is temporary. You will get over it. 

Friends…Oh friends. Those that are your friends today will most likely not be around in 20 years and if they are, value them but make sure they are still around for the right reasons. 

Always be humble, it will take you far in life. 

Accept when you’ve made a mistake, apologise and keep it moving. 

Find the lesson in everything that happens.

That overwhelming feeling is called anxiety. Go see a doctor and get some help. 

Love, Charlie


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