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25 Oct, 2021

Dear Younger Me

I am delighted to write to you. I see you … all starry eyed … believing in life and love. I see your pain and uncertainty … I see you making yourself small to fit in … seeking to belong. 

I see you. I love you. You belong nowhere and everywhere at the same time. You belong to you. Life is beautiful and messy. People will love you and people will use you. You will love yourself and you will betray yourself. 

Your greatest truth is that you belong to you and to God and that God fully knows you, whilst you and others know you in part. Getting to know you and getting to know God will be your greatest joy and greatest adventure. You can only love others to the extent that you love yourself … so if you do one thing … let it be loving you. 

I can testify that there is a lot to love. You are generous and kind. Working on being authentic, present, boundaries, interdependent and content will be a lifelong journey. It will be all kinds of difficult and all kinds of beautiful. But doing the work is so worth it, because you. my darling, are worthy of love and belonging and joy … now. 

You are complete and enough. Slow down. Do the inhale as much as you do the exhale or more. Dance … Dance … Dance. Love your body … look beyond the appearance … appreciate the strength, flexibility, endurance and functionality of your body. 

Cry, laugh, stomp your feet, walk away, hold on tight, be present … sing out loud … write … write and write some more. Burn the writings that no longer serve you. 

See all your parts, the healthy and the unhealthy parts and love them. Put in the work to heal the unhealthy parts while expressing gratitude for how they kept you safe. Express gratitude … celebrate … heal … forgive … live. 

I see you … I love you … You are fully known … You belong … You are worthy.


Me (Geraldine)



  1. Gabs Muteka

    Beautifully written babes , so much authenthenticity…it’s an eye opener wish I could share it on my social media. For many to read it’s a must read..

    • Charlene Hartung

      You can share the link *wink*

    • Geraldine Muteka

      Awww. Thank you for seeing me, Love.
      And yes you can share the link *double wink and a big smile*


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