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12 Apr, 2022

I recently added a few decorative items to jazz up my house a little. Now, I’m not an interior decorator, but I do have an eye for stunning items. 

Below are some ideas of what you can add or change or take away that will change your space a little. 

  1. Plants in beautiful pots. You find these beautiful pots on stands in the shops, it’s becoming quite trendy and there are so many different ones available.
  2. Flowers in a vase. Proteas are available in Namibia this time of the year and just on their own they make such a statement.
  3. A wall clock is something you don’t often buy. I recently replaced mine and it just changed things up.
  4. Accent table.
  5. A lounge chair in the right colour or shape.
  6. Replace your photos or simply put them in new frames or even move them to a different location.
  7. Pillows in different shapes and colours really brighten up a room.
  8. A carpet, square or round, whatever fits the space, is a great addition.
  9. A fruit bowl on your kitchen table on your dining room table adds colour really well.
  10. A mirror placed above a table or in your hall or even above a chair.

Enjoy the journey!



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