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10 Sep, 2021

Whether you have platinum blonde, brunette, black, red, or even blue hair, colour-treated hair needs a little extra attention if you want your colour to last long. 

Nothing is worse than spending big bucks at your salon for the newest trending colour and then having it fade a week later because you aren’t taking care of your locks. 

Keep your hair vibrant and healthy by using milk_shake Colour Maintainer shampoo. This shampoo has been specially designed to hydrate hair and protect against colour fade. 

milk_shake contains natural milk protein that conditions and repairs within the hair’s cortex and cuticles, making it manageable, soft and vibrant. Integrity 41®️ ingredients maintain hair colour for longer. 

milk_shake Colour Maintainer shampoo is perfect for everyday use, resulting in smoother, softer hair that is easier to control. For best results, combine with milk_shake Colour Maintainer conditioner. 

Buy yours today!! milk_shake is available at N$ 284, at Isabel’s Place.



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