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4 Apr, 2022

So you’ve booked a photographer you like and their past pictures speak to you? You’ve kinda thought of a venue but think the photographer will come up with one. 

Your outfit is sorted and now all you have to do is wait for the time to come. Unfortunately you will be highly disappointed, because you have a lot more work to do. Today there are so many different kinds of shoots and each shoot comes with its own challenges. 

Below is what I’ve learnt about personal branding and family photo shoots. 

  1. Ensure you know what you want to portray in the images to be taken. My advice is to go to Pinterest and find images and poses that you like and that you want to imitate. Send these to your photographer so they know what you are expecting, ensure you have a discussion with them so that you can verbally explain. I have taken photos with photographers that can give no direction, equally so I have taken images with photographers that give great direction and really lead the shoot. 
  2. Get a venue and ask for permission if it’s a private place.
  3. Pick the right time of day to do your shoot so that it’s not too windy or too sunny or too anything. Mornings or very late afternoons work well, but your photographer should advise you accordingly. 
  4. You can have more than one outfit but ensure you have them sorted well in advance. It’s good to change clothes, accessories and lipstick. This will give you a bigger variety to choose from in the final images.  The same can be done for your family if you are doing a family shoot. However, ensure the time between outfit changes does not take too long. 
  5. You can schedule different outfits for different locations. 
  6. Makeup is an extra that you have to book, pay for and coordinate that it is done before the shoot. Makeup can take up to 1hr30min depending on the look you are going for. So budget enough time. 
  7. The same accounts for hair. Ensure your hair is done first before makeup, otherwise you might end up with a clear water line on your forehead. 
  8. Have an assistant to help straighten out your outfits, your hair and can help to set the next scene while you change your outfits. 
  9. Ask how long the editing process will take. With most photographers it takes up to a month. It’s best to know in advance so you don’t become frustrated when the wait becomes too long. 
  10. Bring snacks and drinks especially for a family shoot. It can become tiring and slightly stressful especially with kids. 

Remember to have fun! 



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