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22 Nov, 2021

So you just bought “everything” you need to have a good skincare routine and then you find out…I need an extra product just for my eyes? You think twice, but I am here to tell you: no matter your age or skin type, everyone can benefit from eye treatment.

The skin around our eyes is much thinner, has fewer oil glands and less collagen than the rest of our skins, never mind the fact that we use our eyes and the muscles surrounding it to express ourselves daily. That is why when we start to age, it is first seen in the skin around our eyes. Maybe you have noticed that those little lines have become a bit more prominent and want to do something about it? Like with all things, prevention is better than cure and that is why I advise clients to already start using an eye treatment (preferably a gel for the younger ones) as early as your late teens. 

So which is best? An eye cream or an eye gel? Both products should contain the necessary active ingredients to combat ageing and help to plump the skin around the eyes, however it is found that generally a gel’s molecules are smaller and tend to absorb faster. A gel is also better for under make-up and to give your skin that cooling feel in the morning to aid with puffiness. Creams suit skins that are struggling with dryness and can be used at night when your skin has time to absorb all that goodness. Use creams in the hours when the skin is most active in regenerating itself. 

So where do I squeeze this into my routine? Before moisturising the rest of your face, apply a small amount of eye cream/gel around the eye area, make sure to incorporate the brow bone and many products even allow for the eyelid, just make sure you don’t get any in your eye. Use as little friction as possible, remember the skin is very delicate around the eyes so try to work with your ring fingers as it is your weakest finger. Use it AM AND PM!!

With consistent use of an eye care treatment, you can have an enormous difference in the appearance in the skin surrounding your eyes.


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