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7 Jun, 2022

No not that mask….I’m talking about the one that comes in a cream, gel, pack, clay and many more formats. The one that actually leaves your skin gorgeous and helps with congestion, dehydration, sensitivity etc. 

So what’s the deal? MUST everyone use a mask? Well, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a basic routine of cleansing, toning, moisturizing and SPF but a mask can deliver many beneficial ingredients to the skin or help with congestion just a bit better as it usually has a higher level of active ingredients in that will just give you skin that extra boost. 

The action of the mask can either be nourishing, hydrating, cleansing or slightly exfoliating. Make sure you use the correct mask for your skin condition. Gel and cream masks are usually nourishing and hydrating and clay masks degreasing and exfoliating but it is not always the case. I use a gel mask that is exfoliating and that works great!

If you bought your mask from your skin care therapist, make sure you use it as prescribed, depending on your salon treatment plan and the action of your mask, it may be recommended that it be used up to three times a week. If you are buying a masque from the shelf, educate yourself a bit more on ingredients so that you know that nothing in there will cause pore blockages, breakouts and sensitivity. 

There is also the option of making your own mask at home, a fun activity for mother daughter days or for when the budget doesn’t allow for your usual mask. 

There are multiple recipes for masks on the internet but do a little bit more research before just plopping anything onto your skin. One vital point for me is to make sure that the ingredients are slightly acidic like bananas, honey, cucumbers, oats, milk and yoghurt. Because our skins natural PH is slightly acidic, we want to maintain that and keep our barrier intact. Using ingredients that are not acidic might compromise your skin and do more harm than good. 

Do things your skin will love and thank you for, I always feel that I did something special for myself AND my skin after taking those extra 10 minutes to apply a mask. Choose that one PM where you take time to cleanse, exfoliate and mask…do your affirmations or pack lunch boxes for tomorrow while you wait for your mask to do its thing!






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