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5 Jun, 2023

Socks, underwear, belts, handkerchiefs these are classic Fathers Day gifts. In pursuit of finding my husband, the father of my children, a lovely Fathers Day gift, I opted to look at these below. 

Braai accessories 

A wooden board, knives, tongues, braai gloves. These make very nice gifts, especially if your man likes to stand before a fire. I am a huge Jan Braai fan and he has a whole range of braai utensils out now. 





A mens coat 

I find a few things more sexy than a bold man, one of them is a bold man in a coat. 






  Skincare products 

Most men generally don’t take care of their skin the way a woman does. I love to buy my husband skincare products as gifts. It’s not something he will get for himself, but it is so necessary. 


A pedi voucher 

Do men ever go for pedi’s? If yours does, you are a lucky girl. I do however know they love the treat. 





A lovely pair of warm slippers 

I know, it’s like getting him socks, so unoriginal. But men don’t often like to have their feet warm until the weather is as cold as it is now. Then they yearn for something warm for their feet. Even if it only comes out one month per year, it is still worth having. 


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