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27 Jul, 2022

Find a skincare routine that works for you……

Routine- /ru:ti:n/ – a sequence of actions regularly followed.

With skincare we have an AM, PM, weekly and monthly routine everyone should be following.

Everyone’s products they use during this routine will differ depending on their skin type or if they have certain conditions they are targeting. Your specific product house or brand may also prescribe a certain routine you should be following, today we are just going to be touching on the most basic routines everyone should be following.

AM- Cleanse with your desired cleanser (for people with dry and sometimes even normal skins just plain clean water is enough if a good night routine was followed) tone, Day cream and SPF. Day creams are usually lighter and absorb faster than your night cream. Day creams focus on hydration and free-radical protection is a good choice as your skin is most vulnerable or exposed during the day. SPF is key during the day and even if your day cream and or foundation has an SPF in, I would still recommend using a SPF over your day cream and under your foundation. (Read previous stories on free radicals and SPF’s)

PM – Double cleanse is so important in the evenings to make sure all the make-up and dirt is

thoroughly cleansed from your skin. Either with a pre-cleanser and cleanser or cleansing with a cream and gel cleanser or simply using your cleanser twice. Cleansing is always followed by toning to remove any excess cleanser that might be left on the skin and to make sure your skin is balanced and back to its acidic PH. Night creams as mentioned are usually thicker and more nourishing than your day creams as your skin will be in an optimal state to slowly absorb all the goodness as you sleep. Your skin is also most active during the morning hours while you sleep so make sure you give it the love it needs at night.

Weekly- It is vital that you exfoliate between 2-3 times a week. Exfoliation does not necessarily have to be harsh chemicals or abrasives used on the skin. By exfoliating you help your skin get rid of those dead keratinized cells, assists with better product absorption and also with basal cell turn over giving you glowing skin. The thicker your skin the more often you will need to exfoliate.

Monthly – Your visit to your skincare professional. At least once a month visit your skincare professional to get that professional advise or advanced exfoliation, hydration or regeneration…whatever the treatment plan is you have discussed with your professional.

By having a sound routine you will get the best results!


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