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14 Jun, 2021

Do you look in the mirror and all you see are flaws? If so, you’re neither alone nor without help. 

Body Image is a real problem

From actresses and models to your everyday businesswoman, everyone has a long list of body flaws we see in ourselves, even if others around us don’t see them. Research has shown that eight out of every ten women are dissatisfied with their mirror reflection. Ironically, around half of those women are seeing a distorted image – one that’s not even a true reflection of what others see of them. Whether real or distorted, your reflection is a vital component of your personal and professional success. 

Feeling good about what you see enables you to be your most confident, assertive and happy self. It’s simple: you look good to feel good and feel good to look good. Cut yourself some slack because everyone has those “less desirable” areas of their body, and the great news is that it’s very easy to learn how to camouflage what you see in your reflection. 

Big Bust

How do you know if you have it:

  • If you wear an Empire top, people think you might be pregnant. 
  • When you look down, you cannot see your feet. 
  • You can keep a cellphone in your cleavage. 
  • You can’t go braless in tank tops.
  • Men glance at your chest more than they look at your face. 


10 Things that make you look bigger if you have a Big Bust: 

  • Pockets over your breasts. This attracts attention to your bust area. 
  • Tucked in tops that shorten your torso. 
  • Long necklaces that fall below the bust area or that rest on your chest draw attention to your bust. 
  • Tight clothes around your chest. When clothes feel fitted, always try to buy the next bigger size.
  • Turtlenecks pull attention to the widest parts between your chin and waist: your chest. 
  • Excessive cleavage or bras that push your boobs together. Avoid bustiers, pushups and balcony bras. 
  • Tight T-shirts. White t-shirts especially create the appearance of a bigger chest area. The same goes for T-shirts with writing across the bust area. 
  • Strapless clothing can make your bust appear droopy and leave you constantly tugging upward for more support. 
  • Wearing shoulder bags across your body. The straps that run between your breasts emphasises your breasts. 
  • Bulky tops of any kind will make your chest appear broader. 

Tips and tricks to dress slimmer for a Big Bust

  • Wear a perfect fitting bra.  Go for a fitting if you’re uncertain of your size.
  • Show some skin (not deep cleavage) with a V-neckline that draws attention to a higher point than your boobs. 
  • Create a slim zone by avoiding bulky tops and by rather wearing tops that emphasise your slimmer ribcage area. 
  • Wear slimming jackets where straight lines and a narrow “V” counteract your curves. 
  • Layer your way to a slimmer look. There is no shame in wearing body-skimming or shapers under your clothing. Such an extra layer will avoid clothes from sticking to curves. 
  • Wear heels. Adding some length to your overall height will make your chest appear in proportion to the rest of your body. 
  • Use a “reversed colour” strategy to draw attention away from your bust area. For e.g wear dark on top and a lighter coloured bottom. 
  • Avoid a hunched-over look (Yoga and Pilates can help with this). Keeping your shoulders back makes you look slimmer. 

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