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11 Oct, 2021

We have all been down the path of trying to find the right hair salon. Finding a salon that’s perfect for you can be frustrating and difficult. Whether you had to move away from the previous stylist/salon you’ve been seeing FOREVER and have to start over, or you’ve had a bad experience and need to see someone new, the hunt for the perfect hair stylist can sometimes be a long one.  

We often hear from people who are looking for a new salon or hair stylist, and we know that the stress of not having someone to take care of your hair is real. Here are some tips to help you on your quest for great hair!

Get a detailed history on your current look

See if you can get the details on what your previous hair salon did, especially if your hair went through chemical processes. Most stylists would be happy to write down the color formulas that they used for you, and you can give these to your new stylist. This will help the stylist know your hair better in order for them to guide you on new hair colours, treatments and chemical services. 

Use social media

Platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest have revolutionised the way we live in a lot of ways, and finding referrals is definitely one of them! You can reach out to hundreds of people in your area and ask about their preferences and recommendations. Generally, if someone really loves their hairstylist, they’ll refer you immediately!

Social media platforms also make it easy to view the contact information and reviews of businesses from all over your area. In addition to being able to read reviews and easily access contact info, hair salons and studios often post their work online! With just a click you can see a hair salon’s entire portfolio and see if their work looks like something you would wear. You can view some of Isabel’s Place Hair Salon work here https://instagram.com/isabels_place_salon

Ask around for recommendations

Sometimes, the best way to find a new salon is by word of mouth! So ask your neighbours, friends, coworkers, family, or even strangers where they go; trust us, there’s no harm in that. Allow me to state the obvious here: do not ask people who have awful hair who does their hair. Ask someone whose hairstyle or health you admire and might like to copy! (Your hair is different from theirs, so it doesn’t really count as copying.)

Ask for a consultation 

I cannot stress this enough: PLEASE book a consultation before your color appointment when you’re visiting a hair salon for the first time. A consultation will give you and the stylist time to get to know each other as well as chat all about your hair! You should mention your color history, how you style your hair every day, and what products you use to help your stylist know what your preferences are. 

Consultations are usually free, and a fantastic advantage to finding a stylist that’s perfect for you! Taking the time to get to know who’s doing your hair and their experience in the industry will help you have a better experience. 

Have pictures

Pictures, pictures, pictures! Bringing pictures of both what you want AND what you don’t want will help keep you and your new salon on the same page. You may also want to bring pictures of your hair after a color and cut that you loved to help your stylist get a feel for your style! Also, it’s a good idea to point out exactly what you like about the look to give the stylist a detailed idea of what you’re comfortable with. 

Trust your instincts

Finding a great stylist isn’t all about their expertise; it’s also about the way you get along! If you don’t feel comfortable speaking up, or you feel like your stylist is not going to listen to your ideas, you’re likely not going to have a great experience. At Isabel’s Place clients are open to speak up and the salon houses stylists with the necessary educational background and skillset. 

Contributed by Chanté Bock




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