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11 Oct, 2021

Many times we hold onto not forgiving. We think that this will make it easier to process what has been done to us. Thing is, have we ever truly considered that forgiveness is about you/us?

The other day I had to ask for forgiveness from someone very dear to me and at the time I was not even sure why I had to do it, but I followed through.

What I realised was that timing is important. When I hurt this person a few months ago, I immediately wanted to apologise and ask for forgiveness but it was not the right time to do so, but in my heart I knew it had to happen.

If you are anything like me, reconciliation must take place after a disagreement, otherwise I can’t move forward. I had left asking for forgiveness until I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to do so.

I pride myself in obeying the voice of the Lord and I asked for forgiveness. While apologising I highlighted exactly what I was sorry for and why I am asking for forgiveness and after I did that. I felt so vulnerable, I just started crying.

I had the revelation that it was not about the person at all, it was about me, about how God was working on my heart, how God was chipping away at my pride in order for me to move nearer to Him.

Did I receive a response? No, I didn’t need to and that in itself was okay. No validation was needed because I was obeying God. 

I don’t know who you need to forgive, but know this: forgiveness is about you and you walking in freedom. About you moving forward.

Whoever it is you need to forgive, do so. You will most certainly feel liberated. But before you do, pray and ask the Lord to avail the perfect moment for that to happen. I am especially referring to friendships and relationships that you value and that are important for you to reconcile. 

Not forgiving is like drinking poison expecting the other person to die.

All of my love



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