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5 Jun, 2023

All-white Interiors

Yes, all-white can be sleek and minimalist, but just as often it can feel empty and lifeless. If you want to pull off this look try all white with a splash of bold color. Like an art deco lamp or surrealist art.


Did you ever think to start a black-and-white photo wall or to arrange your books in color code on the bookshelf? This impractical look still entices and excites some… and no, it is so out of here. You want character in a room and while color- coordination is great for the “OCD” it might not be the best to live up a space.

TV-centered living rooms

Dare I suggest the conversation? In this day and age where all you do is work and have screen time, why not dare to turn your living room into a conversation pit instead. Make the space more interactive.

Chesterfield sofas 

One of my favorites. They are classic, charming, perfect for the contemporary or classic home. It’s time for a break. In 2023 people are searching for something different to bring that “farmhouse” classics into your home.


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