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23 Aug, 2022

As an HR professional I meet both employees who show up for their job as well as employees who are pursuing their career. People who show up for their jobs are simply doing it to earn a salary, whereas people who are pursuing a career have a long-term commitment to building on their existing knowledge, skills, and attitude in their profession. While it is exciting to work with both groups, there is such magic to connecting with a career builder. Career builders show up with such presence and purpose that I sincerely wish this for everyone. 

The major difference, I believe, is that career builders understand that their career is for a significant period of their lives and there are opportunities for growth. Even when the environments they find themselves in do not lend towards growth opportunities, career builders actively work towards creating those opportunities. For them it is more than a job.

You may have started out with big dreams of building a career and due to a number of factors ended up settling for a job and have since given up on your dream or you are waiting for this amazing miracle that will pave the way for your dream to come true. 

If this is you, allow me to share a few pointers that, if applied, can assist you in starting the journey of moving from being a job hunter to being a career builder. With each pointer, I will provide a question that can help you get to the answer. 

  1.   Acknowledge where you are. If you are currently a job hunter, own this truth with no shame and judgment. What is my current motivation/s for the work that I do?
  2.   Get an idea of where you want to go. It does not have to be perfect and final. Have a starting idea as a beacon to move you in a specific direction. What type of work would give me satisfaction / fulfillment in the areas that matter to me?
  3.   Be clear on your values. No matter your profession at any given point, you never want to sell or betray yourself in the process. What type of person would I like to be?
  4.   Work hard and where you can, be smart. You will need to build your dreams and it will require work. What do I need to do to get from where I am now to where I need to be?
  5. Small and consistent actions create change. What can I do today / in the next week that is within my ability and will move me closer to my dream?
  6.   Connect with someone who is either in or pursuing a similar career or find a professional in career development who can partner with you. Who do I know/follow/engage with who can support me on this journey?

A final word: be gentle with yourself on this journey, practice patience, invest in a notebook and make time to write in this notebook using the above pointers as your starting blocks. Getting to where you want to be will be challenging, but you (precious one) are so worth the time and the effort. 

Stay committed to your growth and healing. 

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