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27 Jul, 2022

Future Females (FF)

You may have recently seen images of me on social media in a Future Females tshirt and the announcement that I am Beatice Schultz co ambassador for the Swakopmund chapter. 

FF has a presence/chapter in 50 countries from Brazil, to Kenya to South Africa to Indonesia and many more. So, what is Future Females all about?

“Future Females is a movement that exists to increase the number of and support the success of female entrepreneurs globally. We provide a space digitally, physically and emotionally where women can connect, inspire and collaborate with each other, and access the resources they need to succeed.” Taken from the Future Females website. 

Why did I get involved?

I accepted the nomination as co-ambassador because I believe in the global movement of empowering women hence why I started my website All Things Charlie. The idea stems from my desire to share information with others because I believe that if we know better we do better. It is our responsibility to seek information and to educate ourselves in an area we want to excel in. 

What is my role?

My role is to support Beatrice who has been running the Swakopmund Chapter since its launch Feb 2020 by co-hosting events, finding new ways to promote FF, getting expert speakers and community leaders to host talks and to expand our network in Swakopmund and beyond. 

How can I attend a Future Females event ?

In Namibia, FF has chapters in Swakopmund and Windhoek where either online or physical events are held monthly. 

Visit the FF website to find out more about the movement and attend an event. The next event for the Swakopmund Chapter is on Wednesday 27 July 2022 where I will be the guest. 

Go ahead and register at the link you will find it on our social media pages. Future Females Swakopmund 




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