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7 Apr, 2021

Gift Guides

Buying gifts for our family, friends and colleagues always remains a challenge, especially as the years to go by and people accumulate everything they want. The “I don’t need anything” person is part of everyone’s life, aren’t they?
My husband and I make each other a list of five things we want when it’s our birthday or at Christmas to make sure we get gifts we want or need.

Below are five items that I find to be really good ideas when buying gifts, depending on your budget (or the gift price limit) since they are practical and will go a long way.

1. Victorinox Knife
I give my friends these whenever I realise they don’t have one. They are not only small and nifty but quite sharp and so versatile as well. I use mine to cut everything, from fish to meat to bread to veggies. Everyone should have one – or more! – of these in their kitchen.
Their prices start at N$110.00, or if you’re buying from a camping store you could get them for cheaper – around N$80.00.


2. Nespresso Coffee Machine
We recently had to replace our Nespresso Machine. They remain a good buy and money well spent.
Manrico Select stocks Nespresso Machines in Namibia and their prices range from N$1900 to N$6000. You could also buy one from @Home.


3. Double wall Glasses
Double wall glasses come in a variety of brands and types, from champagne glasses to teacups, to espresso cups. You can get one for just about every beverage. They range in prices and come in a set of 2 usually.
Prices start at N$160.00 for a set.


4. A CamelBack water bottle
These bottles are not cheap, but if you are an avid cyclist or just need to keep your water icy cold, this bottle is a must have. You will know why it costs that much, but it’s definitely worth the spend.
Their prices range from N$300 to N$500


5. An A La Wêreld Cake
I was gifted with a cake for my 37th this year and I absolutely loved it.
Paula makes the cutest, most moist little cakes, just enough for 8 people.

Contact her via ATC for a quote.

Let me know if you liked any of these ideas or what the response was when you gifted someone through the comments. Happy Gifting!


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