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26 Jul, 2021

Gifting someone can sometimes be tough especially if they have everything. 

I have quite a number of those friends. I never know what to get them for Christmas or their birthdays. Flowers are always appreciated and I’ve found these come to my rescue quite often. 

Here’s my list of gifting ideas for friends who “have everything”.

A good cookbook – even one by a celebrity or a famous chef. If nothing else, it’s a good coffee table book to have. 

A gift basket with all their favourite things in it. Biltong, creams, face masks, whiskey, fruit, snacks, scrubs, wine, a candle and chocolates. Something they can spoil themselves with everyday. 

A cozy fluffy throw. Who doesn’t love a soft fluffy throw to cover their feet while they lounge in front of the tv. 

A cheese board or a wooden bowl.  ATC has some awesome gift times for sale in our online shop. 

Beautiful glasses are always a winner. I love to display mine and when I feel a certain way I’ll drink from a certain glass or cup. 

Do share with me what your favourite gift ideas are. We are always in need of new ideas hey! 

Love, Charlie 


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