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25 Oct, 2021

Finding out your child needs to wear glasses can be upsetting and overwhelming — even if you suspected an eye issue. Finding a good optometrist or ophthalmologist is the first step in helping your child improve their vision.

My first born, Ayden, has been wearing glasses for a few months now. Before taking him to the optometrist I noticed a few times that while he watched tv he would squint or stand very close to the tv. 

I then asked him if he was struggling to see properly and he told me he has been for a while. It was hard work just to watch tv and at times his eyes were very tired. I made an appointment at the optometrist that I’ve been seeing for over 23 years. He did an eye test and yes, Ayden had to get glasses. 

Since getting his glasses, Ayden is much more relaxed. 

What we do argue about a lot is how he takes care of his glasses as well as how he should handle them. I think he is adjusting and adapting really well with this new change. I would advise that parents take their kids for yearly checkups at the optometrist, because prevention is always better than cure. 

Love, Candice 



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