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28 Apr, 2023

Breakfast is a huge challenge for me and if I don’t prepare properly I end up with the worst things I can do, eg, bread or a garage pie. Yip, you read right, a garage pie. I have a very distinct soft spot for them.

So recently I started making myself breakfast before I leave my house for work. 

Over the years I’ve perfected doing smoothies, and shakes and sandwiches. I also love a little yogurt and muesli from time to time. 

Today I want to share my latest breakfast obsession with you. 

I make this in my air fryer, it just goes so much quicker than in the oven and the cheese is so yummy and crispy. 


2 eggs

As much mushrooms and spinach as you like 

A tomato 



Cheese – I love gouda cheese 

Salt and pepper to taste 



I dice up my onion, tomato and peppers. You can cook those off first, add the mushrooms too. This way they lose the water. You can add some garlic too if you like and even chili. 

Then take a small glass bowl – which will fit into your air fryer, break my eggs in it, beat them and add the ingredients. You can layer everything or mix it all together. Alternatively you can even pop this into the oven or make it in a pan on the stove. It is really all about convenience. 

Then put it in your air fryer until the egg has set and the cheese is nice and crispy.

You can of course add some bacon to it or ham or whatever protein you like. The same recipe can work on a pan as well. It is a glorified omelet after all. 

Now if you really wanna go fancy. You can add a tortilla to the top after your eggs are cooked and flip it over. 

Makes for a lovely pizza like breakfast. 


Try it, you’ll love it! 

Xo Enjoy


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