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16 Aug, 2021

“Healing is the personal experience of transcending suffering and transforming to wholeness” D. McElliott 

The above definition is one of the most profound definitions I have read on healing. I believe this is the goal for many of us. We understand that suffering cannot always be avoided and is at times even a necessary part of living, however we want to transcend (go beyond) suffering and we want to live a life of wholeness. Most people I speak to don’t believe this is possible in the workplace. The workplace is a place of wounding and not healing, they say. I know this to be true through the countless experiences shared with me. 

What if we can change that for ourselves through an ongoing process of living healing. What if healing is not a place, but rather a state of being and we can choose to live in that state of being on a consistent basis. What if we can continuously heal through our daily conscious interactions with ourselves and others.

I choose this narrative and are therefore actively engaging in practices (the consistent and correct use of an idea, belief, or method) that is aimed at enabling me to transcend suffering and transform to the wholeness of all my parts. I view this as a process and a journey that will be part of my life for as long as I live. 

I have several healing practices including breathing work, journaling, movement. Conscious, intentional bursts of movement is one of my most loved practices, because I can do it anywhere. Do I use it at work? There is nothing as healing as a quick 60 second, on the spot, fast jog in the ladies’ bathroom right after a heated engagement. I run on the spot whilst being fully aware of how my body moves. I thank my body at that moment for its strength and durability. 

Jogging in our streets is another favourite. It is processing time for me. I must run very slow, because there is always a passerby who encourages me to run faster or pick up the pace. In the beginning I had to work past these comments, and I taught myself a basic mantra, “my race, my pace”. Now, I nod my head in greeting as I recite “my race, my pace”. I love running at the rhythm of my heart and my key measures are not time or speed. I measure the state of my heart. I run without stopping and I stop when I have processed the pain or discomfort to the extent that I can be present in my loved ones’ lives when I get back home. By the way, this measure is awesome encouragement to find fast, effective ways to process my thoughts and emotions. 😊

I can write chapters on my healing practices, but for today this is where I will end. I would love to hear about your healing practices, especially ones you use at work. 

Stay committed to your growth. 

Till the next post … 



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