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29 Apr, 2024

Embark on a journey of diverse hotel experiences that transcend mere price tags. From the bustling streets of Shanghai to the regal charm of London, the serene beauty of Cape Town, the coastal allure of Walvis Bay, the cultural richness of Gaborone and Harare, to the vibrant energy of Windhoek, I’ve had the privilege of experiencing a myriad of hotels, each unique in its own way. 

It’s all about the overall experience that makes a stay unforgettable.

Here are a few key things to consider:

✨ The Room: Who doesn’t love a bit of space to stretch out and relax? A comfortable couch, a bathroom with a shower and a bath, for options, you know, Good Lighting, and a mirror at the desk for you to do your hair comfortably. 

✨ The mattress: A good night’s sleep can make or break your stay. 

✨ Amenities inside the rooms: From fluffy robes to fancy toiletries, the little touches matter.

✨ Breakfast: A delicious start to the day sets the tone for everything! Options and catering to particular needs. Even the fanciest hotels have terrible breakfasts. 

✨ Parking distance: Nobody wants to lug their bags for miles, and if it rains, you must walk a distance and carry your bags. 

✨ Location: Whether it’s for work or play, a good location can make all the difference. 

✨ Spa on-site: Treat yourself to some relaxation without even leaving the hotel!

✨ Room service menu: Sometimes, all you need is a cosy night in with some yummy food. 

So, remember, it’s not just about the price – it’s about the whole package! 🏨💆‍♂️🍳 


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